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Gpv8 over / under voltage protector

■ application
-Overvoltage and undervoltage protection of household equipment.
■ functional features
-Supply voltage measurement protection (RMS voltage measurement).
-Double current connection design is more powerful.
-It can realize self start and self reset function.
-Voltage measurement accuracy ≤ 1%.
-The three-phase model has the function of disconnection and phase sequence detection.
-The fault status can be displayed by LED.
-It is installed on 35mm standard guide rail.

 Self compound over and under voltage protector: 1. Model: 2p, 4P; 2. Function: over voltage protection, under voltage protection, energy saving, safety and flame retardant Product composition of overvoltage and undervoltage Protector: incoming line end, circuit diagram, (green) power indicator, parameter description, red light flashing: overvoltage; red light double flashing: under voltage, outgoing line end
 The function features of over-voltage and under voltage protector are as follows: 1. Status indication: green indicator is normal voltage indication; 2. Red indicator light is over-voltage and under voltage indication; 2. Preventing misoperation: in case of sudden transient or transient overvoltage, the protector will not produce misoperation; Function features of over-voltage and under voltage protector: 3. Flame retardant shell: the shell is made of safe and flame-retardant PC material. Parameters: product brand: Geya Geya, product name: overvoltage and undervoltage protector, model: gpv8-2p, rated voltage: AC220V, rated current: 32A 40A 63A, overvoltage protection: 265V + 3V, undervoltage protection: 175v + 2V, reset time: 30s Product brand: Geya Geya; Product Name: overvoltage and undervoltage protector; model: gpv8-4p; rated voltage: AC220V; overvoltage protection: 175 + 2V; reset time: 30s
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